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Time Trial June 1

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Varsity Dental

Location: The Barn at Wind’s Edge, approximately 5.5 km EAST of the Costco junction on Highway 394 (the PCS Mine Road) near Range Road 3041.

Registration is between 8:00 am & 8:45 am only inside the east entrance to The Barn at Wind’s Edge. Please be respectful in the parking lot and the building! Washrooms located inside the Barn, down the hallway.

First rider will go at 9:00 am

The time trial is approximately 10 km in length (see map) & is an out-and-back Time Trial. The course is not closed to traffic & racers are encouraged to be aware at all times. Areas of the road may be rough & may contain potholes, especially on the shoulder & caution must be taken at the turn around point. Volunteers will be there to assist.

All categories will start at 9:00 am. Riders will be sent off at thirty (30) second intervals in the following order: CAT 6, CAT 5, CAT 4, Women and Cat 1/2/3 with a two (2) minute gap between categories.

Final Start lists will be posted as soon as possible and will be posted at registration. Any racer missing their posted start time by more than 1 minute will be assessed a one (1) minute penalty and must start after all other riders in their category. Any racer missing their posted start time by less than 1 minute, will keep the time that they should have started at and will be allowed to start under the direction of the start line Commissaire.

Time Trial Course

There is no wheel pit for this time trial and follow vehicles are not permitted. If approved by the Chief Commissaire, racers who flat or crash and are unable to complete the time trial will be given the same number of points as the slowest rider in their category. Please discuss with the Chief Commissaire if this applies to you.

**Junior gear (7.93 meters) rollouts for U19 riders will take place 10 minutes before your scheduled start time near the Start/Finish line.

**Junior gears must be ridden in all 3 races.